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Visiting an Osteopath in Italy, who speaks English!

If you are thinking of visiting an Osteopath in Italy, it is vital to understand the regulations regarding Osteopathy. Different countries have different regulations for the practice of Osteopathic medicine.

In Italy the biggest regulatory body is called Registro delgi Osteopati d’italia (ROI). Currently, in Italy the profession is in the process of being regulated and Osteopathy is now recognised as a healthcare profession. The final decrees to implement this regulation are expected to be finalised soon.

In the UK Osteopathy has been regulated since 1993. Osteopathy is now widely accepted and valued as a primary healthcare service. The profession is recognised and protected legally. Only Osteopaths who belong to the regulatory body are able to practise. The regulatory body is called the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC).

BodyLab Osteopathic Clinic

Fabio Castellini and Joanna Vale are both registered with the GOsC. After both training in London at the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) – now known as University College of Osteopathy and automatically registering with graduation. Registration is renewed annually and we are committed to continued professional development as part of this regulatory process. Our registration with GOsC follows a rigorous and in depth training. Effectively, you are in safe hands.

BodyLab Osteopathic Clinic is a bi-lingual clinic. We offer our services in both English and Italian.

In both Italy and the UK Osteopathy is very much a hands on treatment. We are trained to assess, diagnose and treat manually. Aside from taking a full and detailed medical case history, we will examine you. The case history will involve asking questions about many aspects of your health and wellbeing- not just your current symptoms. We will examine your posture and movement. We will also examine the problematic area itself. Hence, we will examine you holistically- all of you, as well as focusing on the symptomatic area.

Most people know Osteopaths treat back pain, but in fact we treat many issues and there are many different treatment modalities. Did you know that Osteopathy is effective for treating headaches? Babies with Colic can benefit from osteopathic treatment. Arthritic pain and consequent reduced mobility can also be relieved. Whilst the structural changes associated with Arthritis remain, reducing pain, maintaining and improving mobility is achievable. We often help people after surgery, treating scars and helping recovery. For example following a Mastectomy we can treat the scar to reduce adhesions as well as dealing with the effects of the bio mechanical changes from this procedure. Osteopathy offers so much more than many people realise!

Osteopathic treatment can vary too. You may have heard of Cranial Osteopathy, Structural Osteopathy, Biodynamic Osteopathy, Balanced Ligamentous Treatment, Myo-fascial Release, Classical Osteopathy and this isn’t all of the branches of Osteopathy! Whilst these approaches differ, the philosophy of Osteopathic treatment is the same, based on the principal of the unity of the human body and its inherent ability to regulate and heal itself. Understanding the structure and function of the body is the key to restoring health by understanding this self-regulatory mechanism of healing.

Osteopathy typically involves a course of treatments, due to the fact that we work with your body any changes and improvements take a little time. We will help you to understand your body as well as offering advise and support to help relieve symptoms The number of treatments varies according to the type of presentation, the severity, duration and other factors such as lifestyle or other health issues. It is not a quick fix! It’s a profound approach to understanding and treating your body and improving health. Many patients become regulars, because they listen to their bodies and understand when they need more treatment. This maintains the situation, minimising or even alleviating pain on a schedule that works for their needs and improves their quality of life.

Are you ready to try Osteopathy?