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Fabio Castellini’s Work As A Teacher

Fabio Castellini and Joanna Vale Castellini have donned multiple hats throughout their almost twenty year careers as Osteopaths. Something that both of them are extremely passionate about is teaching. Today let us dive deep into Fabio’s journey as a teacher and what makes him passionate about it.

Fabio started his professional teaching journey in 2008 and a year later in 2009, he joined “Soma”, Osteopathic School Milano by teaching Anatomy and Functional Anatomy. Additionally, he became an assistant / translator of many prominent Osteopaths from the UK in the field of Paediatrics, Spinal manipulation and Cranial Osteopathy. More so, he has been teaching undergraduate students about Spinal manipulation and direct Osteopathic techniques since 2012 and is currently a senior lecturer at “Soma”, Osteopathic School Milano.

Fabio is passionate about subjects including Anatomy, clinical diagnosis, Osteopathic techniques and Classical Osteopathy – both theory and practical skills. His approach is very practical and thorough, which includes sharing and developing palpation and techniques among students.

He believes in giving real life clinical examples and approaches for treatments and patient management. Apart from an ardent Osteopath, Fabio is also a passionate teacher. He loves to share his knowledge, expertise and clinical experience with his students. In essence, teaching is Fabio’s way of sharing and spreading his passion for Osteopathy.

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