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Origin Of Osteopathy

This week let us deep dive into the history of Osteopathy and understand its origin and evolution. Andrew Taylor Still, born on August 6, 1828, in Virginia, USA was an American physician and widely regarded as the founder of Osteopathy. He grew up in a family of physicians and was trained in medicine by his father. He later became a licensed physician and practiced medicine for many years. However, he became dissatisfied with the limitations of conventional medicine and began to search for alternative approaches to healing.

In 1874, he founded Osteopathy, which he believed could address the underlying causes of disease by manipulating the musculoskeletal system. He believed that Osteopathy emphasizes the importance of the body’s natural ability to heal itself and seeks to restore balance and function to the body through hands-on techniques focusing on various joints and soft tissues of the body.

He viewed the body mechanically and sought to keep every part moving. His dream was to create a more holistic approach to healthcare that focused on the whole person rather than just their symptoms. He believed that the body was a self-healing mechanism and that by removing obstacles to healing, the body could regain its natural state of health.

At BodyLab Milano, we believe that Still’s legacy has had a significant impact on the field of medicine, and as a result, Osteopathy is now recognised as a licensed form of healthcare in many countries. In fact, it is on the verge of being recognised in Italy as well! The principles of Osteopathy continue to influence healthcare today, and many practitioners like us continue to build upon his ideas and develop new approaches for healing the body.

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