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Joanna Vale’s Approach to Osteopathy

Joanna Vale, co-founder of BodyLab Osteopathic Clinic is a graduate of the University College of Osteopathy, formerly known as The British School of Osteopathy in London (BSO). She is trained and is an expert in a wide range of techniques, such as Cranial, Structural, Biodynamic, BLT, and Paediatrics.

Together with Fabio Castellini, she co-founded BodyLab Osteopathy Clinic in 2015. After several years of work in England, they both moved to Italy and started BodyLab in Fabio’s home city, Milan. Together they created a clinic that could provide Osteopathic treatment for patients of all ages, their goal is to reduce painful symptomatology and improve the overall well-being of their patients. Both Joanna and Fabio offer their services in Italian and English.

Passionate about Osteopathy and with a particular interest in treating women, whom she enjoys supporting during pregnancy, in preparation for as well as after childbirth with postpartum issues. She has a particular interest in helping women during Peri-Menopause and menopause and with issues into advancing years. Apart from this, she is passionate about treating headaches and enjoys the challenge of helping patients with complex medical histories. Joanna, is now an expert at helping ease lower back pain! She enjoys treating babies, infants and teens and supporting these individuals with issues that can arise during these developmental phases.

Joanna is passionate about the positive benefits of Osteopathy. After a thorough history, clinical examination and palpation, she seeks to discover the origin of the problem. Subsequently, a treatment plan is devised (which is personalised to each patient) to reduce discomfort and pain that may be impacting the patients daily life.

Joanna’s Osteopathic treatment, has proven to significantly help many patient’s of all ages and with a wide range of issues. Generally, her Osteopathic treatment reduces pain and enhances movement, and the treatment is healing and restorative.

She follows a detailed approach to treat each patient, always working with everyone individually. Communicating and empowering patients is something she advocates.

A few Osteopathic facts from Joanna,

  • The course of Osteopathic treatment may take anywhere from a few to multiple sessions, with regular top-up visits spread over time, this is dictated by the patients individual needs. A consistent treatment plan is more effective for patients and reflects their individual requirements.

  • Educational. The more time that has elapsed since the symptoms began, in other words if it is chronic situation, then the longer the recovery usually takes, helping a patient to understand and manage this with advise and exercise.

  • Some problems, such as degenerative processes (arthrosis), are irreversible. But Osteopathic treatment can help with pain management, improve mobility and reduce overall symptoms.

  • Patients with pre-existing conditions/illnesses can still benefit from Osteopathic treatment and the treatment plan will reflect the patient’s situation.

“Joanna is amazing! She saved me twice!! I had a broken toe the first time which had been bothering me for months but I didn’t know what to do with it. I went into the session limping and not being able to walk properly and just after 1hr, I came out running (not even exaggerating)!!”

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