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Our new LOGO and WEBSITE!

Welcome to our new website for BodyLab Osteopathic Clinic!

We recently decided to change our logo and the website.


Since we established BodyLab Osteopathic Clinic the business has grown and changed. We now have new clinic premises on via Foppa in Milan. Our bright and attractive new clinic is convenient and close to our old premises. We continue to offer Osteopathic treatment to existing and new clients.

The new logo was designed by lisaadesign and really captures our Osteopathic philosophy. Our vocational work, is essentially a manual therapy. Based on the detailed study of the human body and how it functions we are trained to assess, understand and treat any issues you may have. The number one reason people come to see us is because they have pain. It may be back pain (the most common presentation), knee pain, headaches, pain from an accident such as a wrist fracture, jaw pain perhaps following dental work, basically anything! If you have pain, we can usually help!

The expression “you are in good hands”, reflects our logo, but also our training and experience. As well as your detailed Case History, postural assessment and assessment of the relevant movement, we get our hands on you! We are trained to palpate muscles, joints, ligaments, fascia etc, we understand what is under our hands. We can therefore understand your symptoms and help to restore better function and reduce pain. 

Our logo also features a spine, it is a vital point of reference in Osteopathy.

The spine is a central; it is in the middle (midline) of your body and is essential to how your body functions. When we assess your posture, when we palpate your spine and observe how you move, we understand and can treat your back, from “head to tail”. As well as supporting your body and keeping you moving, your spine and head protect your brain, spinal cord, the entire Nervous System! It is key! We’ve studied and examined many spines and understand how important a healthy, pain free spine is, our job is to ensure your back is at its best! We can help reduce pain in all areas of your spine; the neck (and head), your upper back (Thoracic spine) and your lower back (Lumbar spine).

We hope you love our new logo as much as we do, it captures so much about what we do and how we work as osteopaths!

We have also launched our new website! 

As well as offering all the relevant information about our  bilingual clinic,  it hopefully gives you all the additional and practical information you may need, about us, Joanna Vale and Fabio Castellini. There is detailed information about where we trained – The University College of Osteopathy (formerly known as The British College of Osteopathy) our accredited qualification (we are recognized by The General Council of Osteopathy; GOSC), how to contact us, and our areas of specialism.

We are experienced, professionals who take great pride and satisfaction from our work, helping someone in pain feel better and to keep moving is simply wonderful.

We are a bilingual clinic and both offer our services in English and Italian.

Please do look at our testimonials and at the information about Osteopathy and find out how we can help you … 

The next Blog will explore further useful features about our website as well as ” What to expect when you have your first appointment”.

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