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Osteopathy is a holistic approach towards treating the person as a whole and understanding the issues you may suffer from; typically pain and reduced movement. Following a thorough case history, observation and palpation, the osteopath identifies the issue and by working with the whole body system incorporating muscles, bones, vessels, nerves etc, promotes your body's natural tendency for healing and improved health.

Osteopathy looks at the relationship between your body, including any structural issues, your posture as well as other aspects of your life, such as your work, exercise, sleep and how all these elements function together. Osteopaths treat and advise to reduce pain and find ease in your everyday life.


Osteopathy is a patient centered practice. It is a way of detecting, treating and preventing health problems through highly developed palpation of a person’s muscles, joints, connective tissues, viscera and identifying and treating the cause of the symptoms.

Osteopaths search to enhance a person’s well being through finding the cause of the symptoms and then using a variety of techniques to reduce pain and enhance overall health and well being. Typical presentation that we can help, include;

Back pain, lumbago, sciatica, disc problems, upper back, neck pain.
Joint sprains, tendinitis, muscle pain, arthritic pain.
Headaches, mandibular pain, neuralgia, sinusitis, problems concerning the ear such as dizziness or otitis.
Sport injuries.
Visceral issues; Irritable bowel syndrome, reflux, indigestion, gastritis, colitis, hernias, painful periods and many other issues.


Osteopaths are sometimes the last attempt to sort out an injury or pain related problem, yet the more the profession becomes better known and accepted into general culture, it is becoming the first port of call.

In the United Kingdom osteopathy has been widely recognised and since 1993 following the Osteopathic Act continues to grow and develop under the regulatory body The General Osteopathic Council (GOSC). Both Jo and Fabio are registered practitioners with GOSC.

Currently, in Italy the osteopathic profession is under the process of being reshaped and reviewed and regulation of the profession is imminent.


The principal benefits of osteopathic treatment include;

Reducing pain and discomfort
Increase of mobility in joints
Relieving muscle tension
Enhancing blood supply to tissues
Helping the body to heal

Osteopathy, is safe and effective for people of all ages as it offers a unique approach for you and your needs.


We know and understand that your time is precious and we also understand that being in pain stops you getting on with your life, that’s why at BodyLab, our osteopathic treatments have two key components.

1) We get to know you and understand the issue relative to your pain/injury.

2) We tailor prepare a plan that gets you back to your old self.

At BodyLab we know and understand that our osteopathic treatment can help people significantly. Generally speaking, we advise our patients that osteopathic treatment augments the natural ability your body has to recover and heal. We work with you and what your body needs.

  • Standard osteopathic treatments can take 5 - 10 sessions. Many people who have received and benefited from a course of treatment continue with maintenance treatments to continue enjoying the positive effects.

  • The longer you’ve had an injury, the longer it will take to heal - this is why we go through your case history to fully understand your symptoms and make a diagnosis during the first appointment.

  • Some issues, such as arthritic changes, are not reversible. But osteopathic treatment can maintain movement and reduce pain.

  • There may be other factors affecting your recovery, we will refer you to other specialists when necessary.

  • Patients with underlying health issues can still benefit from osteopathic treatment.

  • In a nutshell, a course of osteopathic treatment is tailored to your requirements.


In summary, Bodylab offers you a safe and effective approach to reduce your symptoms and improve your overall health. Many patients use osteopathic treatment to manage their postural problems, obtaining excellent results (see reviews). Fabio and Joanna are at your complete disposal to meet your needs. We continue to work and commit ourselves to a constant path of study and updating to ensure a high professional standard.

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