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Do You Think Osteopathy Is Only About Cracking Joints?

Osteopathy, is a holistic approach based on hands-on techniques used by the practitioner to diagnose, treat, manage and ideally prevent symptoms from reoccurring. Osteopaths combine a variety of techniques tailored to the patient as an individual, taking into consideration the information provided from a full Case History. Based on this detailed information and always with safety in mind, a treatment plan is devised and this may include manipulation – “cracking” joints. However, it is important to note that Osteopathy is not just about manipulation and there are a wide range of techniques on hand, that can be used.

Osteopathy addresses the patient an an individual and there are a wide range of techniques used by Osteopaths that are tailored to an individual’s needs. It is the use of different techniques – Structural, Visceral, Classical, Biodynamic and Cranial Osteopathy (to name a few) that will be utilised to assist the patient’s individual needs.

Structural techniques, including manipulation, can be very useful and improve reduced movement of specific joints and areas, as well as effectively reducing discomfort and pain. Social Media is full of videos of various practitioners “cracking” joints. This type of treatment can be extremely effective. However, It isn’t always safe (there can be strong contra-indications) and it’s not always the quick fix that is expected. Osteopathy aims to work on the whole body and this includes joints, ligaments, fascia, viscera etc. and this type of treatment whilst most recognisable, is only one of the many.

The Osteopathic profession has been divided into different schools of thought. Some Osteopaths will always use Structural techniques and some will use it much less. It is also important to note that some patients love to be “cracked” and others don’t like it at all! Firstly, there is the safety concern and the practitioner’s view on the type of techniques that are best for an individual and then if it is appropriate there is the patient’s input on the use of a manipulation in accordance with their preferences.

At BodyLab Milano, we always fully and rigorously screen patients, safety first! We try to integrate approaches based the individual patient thereby what will be effective and safe. Of course, we will always communicate with a patient to understand their preferences. We have many techniques and years of training and clinical experience to draw on and ensure the best results for our patients.

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